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This fantastic offering is available exclusively to AVRO customers.



membership to Dryce Nation when purchasing an ICS Dry Ice Machine from us directly.

What is Dryce Nation?


Access to a group of like minded entrepreneurs for support and guidance for all your business and dry ice cleaning questions and needs.


A comprehensive set of information regarding all aspects of dry ice cleaning and preservation, from the right equipment to the in-depth testing and presentation of all the tools needed to be the best in our business

Training - From online training, to in person to a library of training calls about the various aspects of the process of dry

Media / self promotion tools

DryceDays annual pass - Every January since 2022, the membership gathers at the DryceLab for 4 days to expand your relationships, learn new techniques and equipment opportunities, meet industry executives, and build relationships. It's an exciting place to be and be seen!

The Dryce®Nation is the center of the automotive dry ice universe! Won't you join us?


Early access

Chat community

Patron-only updates

Behind-the-scenes Dryce® Lab content!

Dryce® fans supporting the future of cleaning!

Discord access

Don’t take our word for it, see the what existing members are saying -

So simply click the link and join today!

Message us and Dryce once signed up and your first 2 months membership will be refunded back to your account!

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